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Mites are minuscule arthropods closely related to organisms such as ticks or even chiggers. They can be of several types and the majority of them never come in contact with human beings anyway but the few species that do, are sometimes known to be capable of administering serious and painful bites to unsuspecting people. Mites on humans are capable of causing great havoc when left unchecked. If you suspect you are having a problem with mites on humans at home then maybe now would be the perfect time to learn a bit about these foul creatures because one thing is for sure. You cannot vindicate your opponents without knowing anything about them at all.

Bird mites on humans

They are perhaps the most troublesome pests ever. In general, they thrive when they are left feeding on domestic fowls as well as wild birds. When these birds vacate their nests then the creatures come for human blood. Bird mites on humans cause medical conditions such as extremely itchy rashes as well as clear infectious blisters. To prevent bird mites on humans, all you are required to do is relocate any bird nest you might have on your property as far away from your home as you can.

Rodent mites on humans

They are basically of two types namely the tropical rat and the house mouse mites. Whatever they are called, they are exceptionally troublesome pests when left unchecked. In a typical household, rodent mites can cause things such as itchy and red skin rashes as well as skin irritation to the point of no return.

Grain mites on humans

Grain mites, as you can most probably already guess, thrive feeding on food products such as coarsely refined grains. In general, they only attack humans when they handle grain, hay as well as dried fruit because they get disturbed. It is also known that they thrive in moist and moldy places so if you suspect you are having a grain mites on humans problem then you might wish to revisit the hygiene you maintain on your property.

Straw-Itch mites on humans

These are rare species that feed on things such as weevils, grain moths as well as other insects that infest stored grains. In general, humans are often bitten by straw-itch mites while they are caught handling products such as straw, grasses as well as leaves. Straw-itch mites on humans cause medical conditions such as intense and itchy rashes as well as severe allergic reactions when rashes are left untreated.

dust mite pictures

Mites are insect-like organisms though they cannot be taken to be insects as such. Mites are basically pests and in most parts of the world, people see themselves undertaking serious mite control treatments more often than they buy themselves clothes. Mites are of different species, not just in the way they look but also in the way they behave. Some species can have nothing in common with the other contemporaries around, something which makes mite control something of a considerable challenge.

The different types of mites

Mite control is largely dependent on the type of mite you are dealing with. No two mites are alike so it makes sense that there is no such thing as a general-purposed mite control treatment. Perhaps the most common types that interact with us on a day-to-day basis are the clover mites, the house dust mites, the itch mites, the bird mites and what we call the scabies mites.

Habitat and food

To truly understand mite control and get the hang of it, you need to consider the food habits and the other ecological considerations of the pests. Mites feed on a variety of things such as grass, insects, the other contemporary mites, rodents and rodent blood. Generally, you would find mites in locations such as in your carpet or in your mattress as well as outside on your lawn or even in your garden in general. Mites make homes in different places depending on their ecology such that mites that feed on human scalp are most likely to be found where the food is most abundant, that is in your bedroom, or rather on your bed.

Health risks

Perhaps mite control becomes most important when health issues arise as a result of the presence of mites in your home. As a matter of fact, mites are capable of producing health risks such as allergies and skin irritations, dust mites in particular. Itch mites are also known to cause patches of irritated skin while the contemporary rodent and bird mites are generally acknowledged to leave rashes along with a painful bite.

Mite control at home

So you want to learn “how to kill mites?” You hardly need a professional exterminator for mite control. That would just be a waste of money as well as time for the simple reason that mite control is not a one-off treatment thing. How to get rid of mites is in fact a continuous process. Mite control is made challenging because mites are exceptionally small creatures and just about visible to the naked eye. As we saw above, mite control starts with actually identifying the type of mite infestation. You can hope to vindicate the little pests if you don’t even know what you are dealing with but as a general rule, any mite control treatment will involve things such washing your linens as well as your bedding to prevent the existing mite from building up in number. You can also choose to use pesticides though it is highly recommended that you only use these chemicals for outdoor treatments.